FCF Bootcamp was set up in May 2014 by Matt Clements. Affiliated with the Full Circle Fitness Gym in Dry Drayton FCF Bootcamp is an inclusive and enjoyable way to challenge yourself to reach your individual targets and goals.

What's it all about?

  • 45 minute sessions
  • Bodyweight and equipment based exercises
  • Designed to aid weight loss
  • Increase muscle development
  • Improve all round fitness and wellbeing

Combined all this with our nutrition education and results are guaranteed if you follow our methods.

Join FCF Bootcamp to achieve your goals in a fun and social environment.

  • No intimidation.
  • Motivation and Support are key.

Find an FCF Bootcamp near you

We have three FCF Bootcamp locations at present. Select a location for information about where FCF Bootcamp takes place, days and times, and the cost and packages available.

FCF Bootcamp - Blunham

FCF Bootcamp - Hardwick

FCF Bootcamp - St Neots

Choose a package

£50 GOLD Membership

As a gold member you choose the camp you want to attend and you receive the following:

  • Unlimited access to all sessions at the camp you have booked into for the 5 week block.
  • Access other sessions at another FCF Bootcamp.
  • Members page access.

£7.50 Pay as you go

Access to the session you have chosen to attend at any venue.